Here we go. I've made some good progress in the last few weeks, getting several key systems in place. Most of the graphical systems are in place, though not finalized.

Office Space

The ball is rolling! It's moving slow but has gained momentum this month. My python build of v.0 of the engine is just about as far as I was in Lua before restarting, and I have a music composer and writer on board. Good things. I've also gotten set up with some sweet office space, courtesy of my lovely wife. I'm organized, I'm motivated, and I've got a great start on a platform engine that isn't using a bunch of stuff I don't want to include in a game.

Total Recall

Or total rewrite, I suppose. I've been gone from here awhile, huh? Chalk it up to completely rewriting my engine from scratch in a new language I didn't know.

It hurts my brain.


From Drinkdecaf

Monday's comic will be late. Believe me, no one is more disappointed than me. In the meantime, have a sketch of some zombies we'll be seeing more of soon.


Ratfist!!!Doug TenNapel is my hero. Seriously. Earthworm Jim, Ghostopolis, Creature Tech, and now Ratfist. Comic GOLD. If you aren't reading the comic, you should be.[link]


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