Wall Jump

Yep. Wall jumping.Samus, you make it look easy.The code, while not completely re-factored, is running smoother than ever. Got rid of a lot of inefficient functions and combined a lot of work. The whole project needs a lot more optimisations, but I want to get back to actual gameplay improvements, as there are plenty more of those to go.


Where have I been!?The main.lua file for my game has gotten a bit... bloated. 1500 lines isn't that big really, but its big enough and dense enough that I'm feeling the wear of searching through it for a particular line. It's time to re-write, and split some of it up into seperate files. Time to work off some of that baby fat.That's where I've been.

Solutions to Boring Problems

Done! Managed to work through some boring, boring debugging, and the character movement is working better than ever. Besides special moves, like wall jumping or edge climbing, my little guy has everything he needs for now to move efficiently though a level. Think I'm ready to proceed to adding some enemies.Today I worked for a few hours on composing some music using Pixel's Org Maker 2. Made good progress, but I'm having a serious problem with an excess of happiness in my tunes. Think it comes from only using major chords.

Boring Problems + Sounds

I've hit a lull, and am trying to power through. I have some boring as dirt problems to solve, engine wise, before I can do much else. Making the art, sound and levels is fun and glamorous. This is not. Gonna beat it though.Problems:


Sprite system is a go!Careful there, sparky.It's funny how much time I'm spending on the little parts of this game. A tile-system took almost no time to implement. Character movement was done in 30 minutes.

Weekend Update

Just a short update, I've been working on a sprite system over the weekend, and am getting close to having it working. One of the hardest things about writing an engine, I'm discovering, is anticipating what needs I might have in the future for making a game. For now I just need small animations, like water, or e plosions, but later I'm sure I'll need particles, bullets and more. Learning to think ahead is definitely one of the biggest challenges of a project like this. The character movement function is getting pretty refined.

Hello World

Here we go.My name is Rick, and I go by drinkdecaf. I'm 29, and realizing that if I want to do the things I've always wanted to do, I'd better start actually doing them.I've always wanted to make games. So I'm doing that.My first project is a 2-D tile-based platformer engine / game. I'm writing it using the love engine, which is cheating, I'm pretty sure.


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