Ela: Wanted

Wanted to do a tourny or two, but didn't have a character sheet. Now: fix't Name: Ela the PirateGender: FemaleSpecies: North American BatHeight: 23cm (that's 9 1/8 inches, Americans)Eyes: GreyHair: BrownSkills:1) Dancing2) Pirating3) Dancing4) Swordery5) Gunnery6) DancingKnown Associates:1) Luke (bat) - Romantic Interest 2) Chen Shi (bug) - Translator / Narrator3) Olivie (bat) - CousinOther Information:Speaks bat, and little else. English is extremely poor, bordering on unintelligible. Claims to speak fluent Portuguese. Prefers walking to flying.


Ugh... Worst art block ever. Haven't been able to do anything in three weeks. Here's an attempt at Naota Nandaba from FLCL - piratized, of course, in the grand conclusion. Not a great piece, but I needed to do something.This is fanart, therefore, logically, the character is not mine.


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